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Final Memorialization Options After the Cremation Service

Published: July 26, 2021

cremation service in Tacoma, WA

What are your options for the permanent memorialization of a deceased loved one following their cremation service in Tacoma, WA? You’ll want to do something special that honors the member of a special someone who is no longer with you. Here’s a look at some possibilities.

Cremation Jewelry 

One permanent memorialization option is to get cremation jewelry. This type of jewelry looks the same as other types of jewelry. But there’s a major difference. With cremation jewelry, there is an internal compartment where some of the cremated remains of your loved one can be placed. So you can almost look at cremation jewelry as a miniature cremation urn. It’s a unique way to memorialize someone who had been close to you in this life. And it will honor their memory.


Placing the ashes of your deceased loved one in an urn is another great permanent memorialization option. You can get many different types of urns. You might want to display it in one of the rooms of your home. Maybe there was a special place in your home where your deceased loved had spent lots of their time while alive and well. This might be the home office, the living room, or perhaps the patio deck. You can place the urn wherever you wish. The funeral director at the funeral home you get to perform the body disposition can help you find the right run. They’ll help you find an urn that is suitable for whatever purpose you have for the ashes.


Yet another option for your loved one’s ashes is a columbarium. These structures or buildings can often be found at cemeteries. They have niches, sort of like shelves, where you can place the urn containing your deceased loved one’s ashes. One benefit of going this route is that you, your family, and friends of the deceased will be able to visit the columbarium in the future if desired. And you will be able to retrieve the urn and to place it elsewhere if you ever want to.

Urn Garden at Cemetery 

You can also bury the urn in a cemetery’s urn garden. Most cemeteries have landscaped areas where people can bury the urns containing their loved ones’ ashes. This will also be cheaper than buying a burial plot at a cemetery.

cremation service in Tacoma, WA

Memorial Bench 

Another permanent memorialization option is a memorial bench. It looks like a bench and functions like a bench – because it is a bench. But it has an internal compartment for some of the ashes of your deceased loved one. It’s something you can place in your backyard or elsewhere on your property.

When you need to find a reputable provider of cremation services in Tacoma, WA, we’re here to help you. We’re committed to providing quality and caring service to the families living in the communities that we strive to faithfully serve. As part of our commitment, we are available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t hesitate to reach out for the help you need. It will be our honor to help you honor your deceased loved one. 

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