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After Cremation Services--Ideas For Honoring A Loved One

Published: February 14, 2022
by Edline-Yahn & Covington Funeral Chapel

When you have cremation services in Kent, WA done for a loved one who passed on, it’s wise to understand that you have taken care of their needs. You don’t have to do anything else for them in order to give them what they need. Any cremation package you choose will take care of what they have to have. However, their needs and what you need for your own grieving process are different. Here are a few ways you can honor your loved one in both large and small ways to help you move your grief forward. 

Celebrate Their Life 

You might have a memorial service for your loved one and it may be more on the somber side, like a funeral. But you can also find ways to celebrate their life to further your grief and to remember them in a way that honors a life well lived. You can have a celebration of life with loved ones or you can simply celebrate their life on your own in various ways.

Make Their Favorite Foods

When you and your loved one would get together, you often found yourself baking cookies. If you were out for a meal, you always got the same thing and shared. One way you can honor your loved one now is to make some of your loved one’s favorite foods. When you go out to eat, get the same thing and share it with another family member or take leftovers home. When you get the urge, make cookies and share them with friends. It’s nice to carry on with some of those traditions while you think about your loved one.

Enjoy Their Movies And Shows

Perhaps your loved one quoted a certain movie in every situation. Or there was a TV show they never missed. Now that they are gone, you can pick that love up where they left off and watch those movies and TV shows. Think of them and the things they enjoyed about those shows. Watching them can help you to feel closer to them and to enjoy memories about them.

Spend Time In Outside

When you hear the birds sing, watch a sunset, and enjoy other parts of nature, it has a way of putting life into perspective and forcing you to enjoy beauty once again. When you want to appreciate life at its fullest and think about your loved one at the same time, going outside into the fresh air can help.

Find Avenues To Remember Them

There are lots of things you can do to remember your loved one after their cremation services in Kent, WA. You might create a scrapbook of memories of them that you can look through when you want to think about them. You could also read their favorite book on their birthday or create a memorial corner in your home. The professionals at Edline-Yahn & Covington Funeral Chapel are here to help you with your loved one’s cremation, but also with remembering your loved one later.

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