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Is Cremation What Your Loved One Wanted?

Published: March 21, 2022
by Edline-Yahn & Covington Funeral Chapel

funeral home in Kent, WA

There are a lot of decisions to make when a loved one passes away and you find yourself in charge of their final services. You are going to want to work with a reputable funeral home in Kent, WA to ensure they get the quality services they need and deserve. But you are going to be the one who will have to make the decisions. The professionals won’t do that for you, but they will give you the information you need to make those hard choices. If you are trying to decide if your loved one wanted cremation or not, here are a few things to consider. 

Their Spoken Desire

Your loved one may not have written final service plans, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know what they wanted to have happen. They may have told you that they wanted to be cremated. If you know that, then that’s the direction you are going to want to take to honor their final wishes. It’s a simpler decision to make if you know for sure that’s what your loved one would appreciate the most. 

Comments Made About Services

Your family member may not have told you directly that they wanted to be cremated, but they may have made comments about cremation services they attended for friends or others. It’s possible that they went to memorials and appreciated them. They might have told you how peaceful the process was or how lovely the urn looked. Those positive comments could, at least, tell you that your loved one was okay with the process and perhaps even that they might appreciate it for themselves. 

Their Budget Is Small

Your loved one might not have their final services in order, but they might have money set aside for their final services. If they have some money saved for that event, you will want to take a look at the amount they saved. If it’s a rather small amount, that can tell you two things. One, either that’s all they could afford to save or two, they knew cremation was a lower cost option and that’s what they wanted. IF you want to honor the amount they have saved either way, cremation might be the way to go.

funeral home in Kent, WA

A Unique Resting Place Sounds More Like Them

Can you imagine your loved one being buried in the cemetery? If not, a unique resting place might be more up their alley. If that’s what you think they would like, cremation is the right option for them. You are going to want cremation so you can decide on that resting place at whatever point you want in the future. 

Working with a funeral home in Kent, WA can help you figure out what options are available so you are able to get the details lined up before you so you can make the right choice you’re your loved one and the rest of your family. Contact the professionals at Edline-Yahn & Covington Funeral Chapel and we can help you with the options from there.

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