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Questions We Ask After Losing Someone

Published: April 4, 2022
by Edline-Yahn & Covington Funeral Chapel
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When you lose a loved one and have services for them at funeral homes in Seattle, WA, you might find yourself ‘in your head’ at times, asking yourself questions without a lot of answers coming to you. Here are some of the things you might ask as well as explanations that could help you with your grieving process.

How Can I Get Past This?

When you lose someone you cared about deeply, you might feel a deep sense of loss. You have no idea how you are going to move past this hard time. The biggest tip the funeral home might give you is to be patient with yourself. You are grieving and that grief process is going to take as long as it takes. There’s no timeline on the process and there’s no way to make it go faster than it wants to go. You have to do what you feel best about and let grief take its course. That’s really all you can do. Take care of yourself and do your best.

What’s Wrong With Me?

The answer to this is simple enough—absolutely nothing. Grieving is hard and you might feel like you are doing something wrong. As long as you are acting in healthy manners, there’s nothing wrong with you at all. You’re in pain. You’re grieving and you’re hurting and that can manifest in many ways. If you feel like there really is something ‘wrong,’ perhaps you should seek help from a counselor to help you with your grief.

Why Did This Happen?

This is something you also aren’t going to find an answer to. It’s hard to do, but you should really try to stop yourself from asking this question. It happened and there’s nothing you can do to change it. It’s hard to put things into your mind right when these things happen, but there’s not much you can do about the past.

Why Aren’t People Here For Me In The Right Way?

You might feel like some of your friends are there for you, but perhaps not everyone you want to have along for the grief ride. Some people may not be doing what you want them to do and it’s hard to deal with that. Instead of asking why they aren’t there for you, perhaps ask them to do specific things and then maybe they will do as you need them to. 

funeral homes in Seattle, WA

When Will I Feel Better?

That’s not something you can answer, either. It would be nice if you could mark on the calendar when you are going to start feeling better and when your grief will be in the past, but that’s not possible. Take things one day at a time and work towards a new normal. That’s the best you can do. As long as you take steps in the right direction, you know you are on the right path after services at funeral homes in Seattle, WA for your loved one upon their death.

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