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Getting Along With Your Family When Planning Cremation Services

Published: May 9, 2022
by Edline-Yahn & Covington Funeral Chapel
cremation services in Kent, WA

When a family member passes on, everyone within your family will want to care for their needs and ensure that they get nothing but the best. But not everyone will necessarily agree on everything. That’s where the hard part of the planning process comes in. You might be trying to get cremation services in Kent, WA together, but your family may be at odds over the plans that are coming together. Here are a few things you can do to help your family get along during the planning and final service process

Delegate Tasks Among Members 

Even if you are the person in charge of the final services doesn’t mean you have to take on all of the tasks. Instead, you can delegate tasks among other members of the family as you see fit. You might take care of the cremation package, but have someone else choose an urn. One family member can set up the food for the memorial service and another can make phone calls. When people have their own jobs and ways to feel as if they fit in, they might bicker less about the things others are deciding upon. 

Have A Primary Planner 

Your whole family wants your loved one to be at rest and to get nothing but the best care. But you need to have a specific person in charge of the services so you are able to have someone who will make the final decision, even if not everyone can agree to what is going on. Your loved one needs services and you have to have decisions made, whether everyone agrees or not. 

Give Space 

Some families work well together and others are more like oil and water. You will want to give your family time to process what is going on and the chance to have time apart from one another. Take breaks from the planning process and let some family members do tasks together while others do things on their own. Everyone will need space to grieve, too, as grief is different in everyone. 

cremation services in Kent, WA

Keep Your Loved One In Mind

Ultimately, you and all of your family members simply want to do what your loved one would have wanted. You may have different opinions on that, but in reality, you all want the same things—to meet their final wishes, whatever those may be. If you keep your loved one in mind, and remind yourself that the absolute last thing they would want is for your family to fight over them and their services, that can help to resolve things and foster compromises. 

There’s nothing easy about planning final services, but if your family isn’t getting along or agreeing on things around the cremation services in Kent, WA, it can be even harder. The professionals will support you through the process and will help you get through this hard time. They want your family to gather in support of one another and to honor that special person who passed on. 

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