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Themed Cremation Services Are Highly Unique

Published: August 8, 2022
by Edline-Yahn & Covington Funeral Chapel
cremation services in Kent, WA

Traditional funerals are generally similar to one another because they have the same ceremonial feel to them. They are a great way to go when you lose a loved one as they allow family to know what to expect. They also have a way of giving closure and allowing people to say a final goodbye. However, if you go with cremation services in Kent, WA for a loved one instead, you might want to do something unique and special for them. You could, for example, have a themed memorial service in their honor. Here are a few options to help you understand what that means. 

What Are Themed Memorials?

Memorial services can be whatever you want them to be. You can create a memorial that feels similar to a funeral, or you can do something more celebratory in nature. You can even simply have an event that honors your loved one in a certain manner. The theme could be an activity they enjoyed, a sport they played, music they loved, or whatever else feels right to you. There are many benefits to having a themed memorial service. Here are a few to consider. 

Creating Memories For Your Family

Your family has lots of memories if your loved one and the good times you had together. You might want to have a themed event for that person so you can create more, new memories with your family. The event could be something your family holds onto later in life and looks back on fondly. Memorial services with a theme they haven’t experienced before could be something truly memorable as well as special for everyone involved. 

Set A Tone

Final services are often sad and somber, but they don’t have to be that way. You can have a memorial that is like a funeral, but you can also have something casual, or even something that celebrates a life well lived. You can use the theme to set the tone for the memorial as whole. Anyone who goes to a memorial with a bowling theme is going to know it’s not going to be something you dress formally for, right?  

cremation services in Kent, WA

Respecting Wishes

You knew your loved one best and that’s why you are in charge of their final services now. You may not have exact instructions from them, but you knew their personality and style. You might feel as if they would never choose a formal, somber service for themselves, but rather would want something that felt like a party, or something that highlighted what they enjoyed best in life. That might be sports, music, food, or something else that could make a good theme. 

There are nearly endless themes you could use for a memorial after cremation services in Kent, WA. If you would like ideas as to what other people have done, or unique options that haven’t been touched before, the professionals helping you with the cremation can brainstorm with you on those options as well. They are there to help with all of the details. 

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