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Cremation Decisions To Make With The Funeral Home

Published: August 22, 2022
by Edline-Yahn & Covington Funeral Chapel
funeral home in Seattle, WA

Making decisions for a loved one’s final services, or even for your own in advance, can be very hard to do. No one wants to have to think about their own death, or about having lost someone they love. But death is a part of life and everyone will need help from a funeral home in Seattle, WA at some point. If you are leaning toward cremation, here are some decisions the funeral home will need you to make as you move forward.

Are You Certain About Cremation?

Cremation is something that cannot be reversed once it is completed. If you decide a loved one should be cremated, you want to be absolutely sure about that decision before you move forward. If you are planning ahead, you can always change your plans, up until the day you die. But you still want to be sure about the cremation idea before you put it into place as you could pass on at any time and at that time, there’s no going back on the plans.

What Type Of Cremation Is Best?

The cremation process is usually the same, but the timing of the process and what you do around it can be different. If you want some traditions involved, full cremation might be the best option. This cremation format allows you to have a visitation and full funeral first, followed by cremation afterwards. With direct cremation, on the other hand, there are no services before cremation takes place, but after, you can have any kind of memorial you want.

What Kind Of Container Do You Want?

Cremation packages the funeral homes offer are all-inclusive. They contain everything you have to have for the process, including a simple container for the person’s remains. That container is little more than a cardboard box, which suffices just fine, but many people want something more or something different. There are plenty of urn options, for example, scattering tubes, and other such containers to consider.

Where Will The Final Resting Place Be?

When you go with cremation, there are plenty of options as to where the final resting place might be located. You can still bury in the cemetery, but that’s not the only choice as it is with a funeral. You can also bury the remains in a family garden or another location. Or, you can scatter the ashes or even keep them in an urn at home. The options are plentiful and everyone can do what they feel is best for their loved one. 

funeral home in Seattle, WA

What Kind Of Memorial Service Do You Want?

Once you choose cremation, the funeral home in Seattle, WA will inform you that you can have any kind of memorial service you want for your loved one at any time. Some families like to have something right away and others like to wait until they have more time to plan and gather the family in the right location. There are also formal funeral memorials or life celebration options.  

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