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Why Do People Want A Green Funeral?

Published: October 10, 2022
by Edline-Yahn & Covington Funeral Chapel
Seattle, WA cremation

Green funerals are on the rise, and you might be wondering why. The world is leaning more towards ecologically friendly solutions as the people of the Earth realize that many issues are going on. As a result, Seattle, WA cremation is on the rise, and funerals are becoming more environmentally friendly for the best information on why this is happening and how you can choose to adopt new ideas for your funeral or the funeral of a loved one.

Green Burials And Cremations Help The Planet

You can help the planet by making smarter choices with a green burial or a cremation. For example, if you decide on a burial, you can employ different woods for your casket. However, if you decide to cremate, you can choose biodegradable urns. This new source hasn't been available for as long as people think, but it works effectively. A biodegradable urn is best for water burial or if you're planning on having your family member buried in a garden area.

It Can Save The Planet’s Resources

A cremation is a good option for saving the world's resources because it is a less extensive process and doesn't use chemicals; the only issue is what is released in the air. It is worth noting that there is far less than you would think. To avoid this entirely, you could adopt an alkaline cremation instead. Another way that a green burial can save the planet's resources is that they use far fewer materials than a customary procession. For instance, a casket is more complicated to make than an urn, takes a lot of materials, and can be draining. With a wooden option, however, you have something that will biodegrade quickly into the Earth, which takes far less to produce. In addition, the urns of that same token are extremely quick to make and ready for people that need them.

You Can Choose More Options If You Cremate

When it comes to a green funeral, have more options about what you want to do. For instance, if you have a cremation, you'll find that you can spread the ashes in various locations (as long as you check first with your town's regulations). You can choose to have them lay in the ocean, help the environment, or become part of nature. You could even help the barrier reefs! Most people choose to have their ashes spread over their gardens and in their backyard so they can be close to their families forever. 

Seattle, WA cremation

Choosing A Green Burial

When you want a green burial or Seattle, WA cremation, consider the information we have given you above. It will ensure that you have a better option for what you need, you can help ensure that the planet's resources are being used in the best way possible, and you can have a cheaper option for what you want to accomplish. That creates a better ceremony for you and your family while ensuring that you can honor their wishes in the end.

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