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Telling Your Family You Want Cremation Services

Published: January 2, 2023
by Edline-Yahn & Covington Funeral Chapel
Kent, WA cremation services

It’s always a great idea to plan your own final services ahead of time. Not only can it benefit your family by relieving them of the planning burdens in the future, but it can give you peace of mind as well. If you look at the options, think them through, and then decide on Kent, WA cremation services, you will want to talk to your family about the process. Here are a few hints that can help you to broach the subject with as much ease as possible.

Understand Why You Want That Method

Before you talk to family, it’s a good idea to have an understanding as to why you want cremation over a funeral. That way, if they ask (and they likely will!) you can tell them what your thought process was and why you landed where you did on the issue. Perhaps you want cremation because you want something specific done with your remains, or maybe you like the idea because it will give family more time to gather and be together for services. Whatever your reasoning is, have it in order and in mind so family can understand.

Find A Good Time For The Conversation

You don’t want to lay this surprise on family members in passing after a birthday celebration as they head home. Find a good, dedicated time for the conversation in a quiet location. If your family is spread out, ask for a video call at a time when everyone can attend and listen and talk it out. Locally, you could have family over for a meal and talk about things over the food. The timing and quietness of the situation will help a great deal.

Lay Out What You Want

As you tell family about your wants, you will want to lay out everything you see for that future time. You can let them know that you have your cremation planned out, and then tell them what you have in mind for the memorial service. You can go as far as telling them who you would like to do what, what type of flowers you want, or anything else you have in mind. The more you tell them about what you want, the easier the plans will be for them in the future. 

Kent, WA cremation services

Let Them Know Who Holds Your Plans

When you plan your final services with a funeral home, your family will need to know who holds those plans. That way, when the time comes in the future and you pass on, they know just who to call. All they have to do is make that phone call and the service you planned with take action. It’s easier on them and ensures to you that what you wanted will happen. 

If you are thinking about planning your Kent, WA cremation services, the professionals are here to talk through the options and get things lined up whenever you are ready. Call for a consultation, prices, and more information at any time.

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