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Dividing Cremation Remains

Published: January 9, 2023
by Edline-Yahn & Covington Funeral Chapel
Seattle, WA funeral homes

There are many reasons that you might choose cremation for a loved one with Seattle, WA funeral homes. One reason is because when you go this route, you can divide your loved one’s remains. There are lots of different reasons you might want to do that, but if that is the direction you are taking, here are some things to consider.

Place Remains In Mini-Urns

If it’s a parent that died, for example, and you have a lot of siblings, you might want to divide your loved one’s remains into several mini-urns. These urns are smaller and allow you to separate the remains so each person can have a little of the remains. One family group can scatter remains, another can bury, and some can keep the remains, or whatever else you want to do. Having mini-urns allows the remains honor, respect, and separation for any reason.

Get Several Cremation Jewelry Pieces

Cremation jewelry is like a tiny urn that you can wear. You can get a piece that looks like a heart, one that is a pendant, or a cross, among other options. A small bit of remains can go inside that piece and you can wear it, or display it in a place of honor at your home. This way, anyone in your family that wants to keep a little of the remains, can. You could even get several pieces for yourself if you want to wear different items on different days,. Or, perhaps you want to have a few pieces so you can pass them down to children in the future as a legacy piece.

Scatter Ashes In Several Locations

It can be hard to decide where you want to scatter your loved one’s ashes, especially if you have several honorable locations in mind. You can, actually, scatter the ashes in more than one place and that is often easier if you split the ashes up. You can place them in mini-urns, smaller scattering tubes, or whatever else you want in order to separate them by location. You might scatter some in your backyard, some in a local park, some in the garden, and so on. The options are endless. And then you will have lots of locations you can visit to remember and think about your loved one. 

Seattle, WA funeral homes

Let Different Family Members Decide What To Do

If there are several family members who are equally close to your loved one, and they all have a different idea as to what should be done with your loved one’s remains, you can simply split the remains up and let everyone decide what they want to do on their own. One family member might bury the remains in their garden while another might place ashes in a cremation jewelry piece and so on. There are no limits and each option is a nice way to honor the person. 

Talk to the professionals at the Seattle, WA funeral homes for more ideas as to what you can do with a loved one’s remains, and how you can split them for different uses.

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