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Bad Excuses For Avoiding Cremation Services

Published: January 16, 2023
by Edline-Yahn & Covington Funeral Chapel
Seattle, WA cremation services

If you are planning your own final services, you get to choose whatever you want for whatever reason you want to choose it. When you are planning for a loved one, you might want to have certain reasons behind your choices to make you feel as if you are heading in the right direction, following what they would have wanted. Either way, if you are considering Seattle, WA cremation services, but decide against it for some of these reasons, these aren’t great excuses. Here are some of the bad excuses people use.

Cremation Is Scary

If you find cremation a scary idea, that’s okay. You never have to use it or plan it for yourself. However, if you are scared of the idea, keep in mind that you are likely going to run into cremation at some point or another. Someone you know will probably be cremated, as it’s a very popular option, and you are going to have to deal with that service when that time comes. Instead of feeding into your fear, find out more about it and that can help you to understand it and let go of what you felt was scary. 

My Religion Might Not Accept It

Most major religions today are completely fine with cremation, though there are a few holdouts. Instead of assume that your religion is not okay with it, find out for sure. Until you know the real stance of your faith, don’t avoid cremation just because of that.

My Family Might Not Like It

Again, before you assume this, you might want to check with your family. It’s nice to think about them and what they want and need. Final services are as much about the people left behind as they are about the person who passed on. But at the same time, you might just be assuming things about your family that aren’t really true. Ask them how they feel about cremation and talk to them about why that might be a good direction for this situation.

Funeral Homes May Not Offer It

Almost every funeral home offers cremation today, as it is a very popular option. If you decide that you definitely want cremation, then you just want to find a funeral home that does offer it. Unless the funeral home is specific to a religion that does not accept cremation, you will most likely be able to use any funeral home and have cremation as an option. 

Seattle, WA cremation services

There is no guideline that can help you through these final service decisions. They’re never going to be easy. But when you face the choices, you are going to want to make sure that you are making decisions for good reasons so you are confident about them and can fall back on the choices you made later with peace of mind. 

If you are ready to plan ahead, or if you have to make plans for a loved one, Seattle, WA cremation services are always going to be a valid option that is honorable and respectful.

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