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Surviving The Holidays After A Cremation Service

Published: January 23, 2023
by Edline-Yahn & Covington Funeral Chapel
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The holidays are always a special time of the year that, normally, you might look forward to. But when you lose a loved one and go through cremation services in Tacoma, WA for them, the holidays can look bleak and become something you simply have to trudge through rather something you look forward to. In fact, it can feel like it’s hard to survive. Here are a few tips that can help you get through the holidays with as much joy as possible, even while you are grieving.

Spend Time With Family And Friends

The best thing you can do is to spend time with family members and friends. When you are with the people you love the most, you will feel less lonely and you will get the support you need during this hard time. There are going to be times when you want to be alone, and that’s okay. But make that rare and your time with family something you do more often than not. Being with your family will remind you that you still have a lot of love in your life, even though there’s no replacing the person you lost.

Be Aware Of Possible Triggers

There are going to be some things that are harder than others when you face the holidays. If you know your loved one enjoyed a certain song, when you hear that song, you might feel the emotions swell. There are going to be other things that are going to act as triggers to your grief, and you aren’t necessarily going to want to avoid those things, but being aware of them can help you to plan your day accordingly, at times.

Let The Emotions Come

When you have emotions, let them come. Your family and friends will understand. It’s better to let things out than to bottle them up. You would have to deal with that later, and it won’t be pretty. In fact, it will likely be much harder.

Carry Out Old Traditions In New Ways

Some traditions are things you don’t want to give up. But they are never going to feel the same, either. You might want to find a new way to go through with old traditions to give yourself a new normal—or at least the beginning of that new normal. For example, if you always baked cookies with the person who passed, gather several family members in a different location to do it with you instead. 

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Listen To Yourself

You will want to listen to your body, and your emotions, during this hard time. You might not feel up to all of the parties and festivities this year, and that’s okay. You are going to want to do your best to eat when you are hungry and get your rest when you feel tired.

The holidays will never be the same again, but you can find a new sense of normal after cremation services in Tacoma, WA with your family by your side.

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