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You Can’t Make It To The Funeral Service—Now What?

Published: March 6, 2023
by Edline-Yahn & Covington Funeral Chapel
Seattle, WA funeral homes

You want to honor anyone you know that passes away, but when final services arise at Seattle, WA funeral homes, you may not be able to make each and every one. If you can’t attend a certain funeral, there are other things you can do to grieve on your own, and let the family know that you are thinking of them. Here are a few options to consider. 

Have A Personal Memorial On Your Own

If you can’t make it to the funeral, you might want to memorialize your loved one in some way or another on your own. You could visit a location they frequented and say your goodbyes, donate money to a charity they supported, write them a letter, or something else. It can help you to move forward if you are able to have something personal on your own. 

Send Flowers To The Service

Even if you can’t be at the service, sending flowers to the family can make your presence and support known. Visit a reputable florist and they can help you put together an arrangement at the right price and with the right message. The flowers can decorate the background of the service on your behalf. You can also send flowers directly to the person’s home to show them you are supporting them from afar. 

Call And Let The Family Know You’re Thinking Of Them

A phone call from you when you hear of the death, or perhaps after the funeral takes place at some point, can mean a lot to the family. Let them know you are sorry you couldn’t make the services, but that you were thinking of them. You can offer to do something for them or check in on them again later to see how they are doing with the grieving process. Your thoughtfulness will mean a lot to them. 

Make A Charitable Donation

Charitable donations are a great way to honor someone. You can donate money to a charity you know they supported, to the charity their family designated, or even directly to the family so they can donate it wherever they see fit. Your loved one would appreciate being honored in this way—by doing good for others. 

Send Food Or Gift Cards

Food is a customary thing to take or send to the family. You can cook something yourself and take it to the family, or have something delivered. You can also send them restaurant gift cards, which is a nice way of giving them meals that they will enjoy and can order whenever they need something. 

When you can’t make it to Seattle, WA funeral homes for final services you’d like to attend, your friends will understand, but you will still want to reach out to the family in support. There are lots of things you can do and the professionals have other options available to you if you want more suggestions and advice. Give them a call any time.

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