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Can You Keep Remains In A Storage Facility?

Published: March 13, 2023
by Edline-Yahn & Covington Funeral Chapel
Seattle, WA cremations

When you decide on Seattle, WA cremations for a loved one, it’s important to think about what you want to do with your loved one’s remains. After the cremation is processed, you are going to have the remains returned to you in the urn you choose, or in the simple container the provider gives you as part of any cremation package. You, then, get to decide what to do with those remains. One idea might be to store them in a storage facility. While you are free to do as you choose, this isn’t always the best idea. Here’s why: 

The Facility Could Receive Damage

Storage facilities tout their safety, but in reality, things happen. There could be a big storm that leaks rain into the buildings. If that were to happen, the urn could be damaged and the remains could even dissolve away. Other things can happen to storage facilities as they are quite cheaply built, for the most part. If you want your loved one’s remains to be safe, for sure, storing them somewhere else might be a better idea.

Things Can Get Stolen

Storage facilities have varied amounts of security. Some are alone at all times while others are protected by guards and/or cameras. Either way, it’s possible that someone could break into your unit at some point, and you never know what might happen to your loved one’s remains at that point. The urn could get tipped over, broken, or even stolen and your loved one would be gone forever. 

Units Have Been Seized

When you get a storage facility, pay close attention to the terms. If you sign the lease, and miss a payment or two, it’s possible the property owner could seize whatever you have in the storage unit as their own. If that happens, your loved one’s remains could be gone to you forever as well. It’s not a risk you are going to want to take.

It Might Not Be Respectful

Placing your loved one in a location of honor should be important to you. Storage facilities aren’t always clean and your loved one is hidden. You might want to choose a place that is more respectful. You can keep them in your home, bury them, scatter their ashes, or go with a variety of other options that are more honorable in general.

You Can’t Access It Often

When you place your loved one’s urn in a storage facility, you won’t likely visit it very often, if at all. Family members may not be able to visit your loved one at all, and that can be hard on all of you and not the best idea for a final resting place.

When you decide on Seattle, WA cremations, there’s no timeline on when you have to decide on a final resting place for your loved one. You can decide right away, or a year or longer down the road. In the meantime, storage facilities aren’t often a good option for a loved one’s urn and remains. 

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