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Embracing Eco-Friendly Practices, The Future of Green Funeral Services

Published: June 12, 2023
by Edline-Yahn & Covington Funeral Chapel
Tacoma, WA funeral services

As environmental concerns become more prevalent in our society, many families are seeking eco-friendly options to honor their loved ones who have passed away. Tacoma, WA funeral services are adapting to this growing trend by offering a range of green options that minimize the environmental impact of end-of-life ceremonies. This article will explore the future of green funeral services and the eco-friendly practices that are gaining popularity.

Biodegradable Burial Containers

One way to reduce the environmental footprint of a burial is by using biodegradable containers, such as caskets, shrouds, or urns. These containers are made from sustainable materials like bamboo, wicker, or recycled paper, which decompose naturally over time. By choosing a biodegradable burial container, families can ensure that their loved one's final resting place has a minimal impact on the environment.

Natural Burial Grounds

An essential component of green burial practices is the choice of burial location. Natural burial grounds, also known as green or conservation cemeteries, are specifically designed to preserve the land's ecological integrity. Unlike traditional cemeteries, natural burial grounds often feature native plants, trees, and meadows that create a serene and eco-friendly setting. By selecting a natural burial ground, families can contribute to land conservation efforts and maintain a lasting connection with nature.

Embalming Alternatives

The embalming process can involve the use of formaldehyde and other chemicals, which are harmful to the environment and pose health risks to funeral service workers. To minimize the environmental impact of preserving a body, some families opt for eco-friendly alternatives such as refrigeration, dry ice, or even the use of natural, plant-based embalming fluids. These methods can help reduce the release of toxic chemicals into the environment while still providing a respectful and dignified preservation option.

Green Cremation Methods

Traditional cremation methods can generate significant greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to air pollution. One eco-friendly alternative is alkaline hydrolysis, also known as water cremation or aquamation. This process uses water and an alkali solution to break down the body into its basic components, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint than conventional cremation. By choosing green cremation methods, families can reduce the environmental impact of their loved one's final disposition.

Eco-Friendly Memorial Options

In addition to green burial practices, families can also choose eco-friendly options for memorializing their loved ones. For example, some choose to plant a tree or establish a memorial garden in honor of the deceased, creating a living tribute that benefits the environment. Others may opt for eco-friendly memorial products, such as biodegradable urns, which can be buried and decompose naturally, returning the ashes to the earth.

In conclusion, green funeral services in Tacoma, WA, offer families an eco-friendly way to honor and remember their loved ones while minimizing their impact on the environment. With options like biodegradable containers, natural burial grounds, embalming alternatives, green cremation methods, and eco-friendly memorial options, it is clear that the future of end-of-life services is becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. Edline-Yahn & Covington Funeral Chapel is dedicated to providing a range of green options for families, ensuring that they can create a meaningful and sustainable tribute to their loved one.

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